1/ Re-import definition:

Re-entry is the Company’s receipt of retailed goods to a customer and payment or exchange for other goods of equal or different value to that customer.

Return time:

Customers have the right to EXCHANGE another product or RETURN the product and get a refund according to the following timeframes:

Return conditions:
The product when received back must be fully enclosed with documents (purchase voucher, VAT invoice if any) .
Full box, manual, installation disc, cover …. product included.
Full warranty card (if any) and accompanying accessories.
Valuable promotional gifts (if any).
Products must still have the seal of the Company or the manufacturer.
The product received is not defective (scratched, broken, dented, yellowed, …)
In case the product has been invoiced by the Company, the customer who wants to return the goods must return the financial invoice or carry out procedures to cancel this invoice in accordance with the law.
In case of lack of the above conditions: The company has the right to refuse to return the goods.
Cases not accepted:

Customers want to change types and models but do not notify in advance.
Product failure due to improper operation by the customer.
Customers do not comply with the required provisions to enjoy the warranty (for example, do not send the warranty card to the right place within the specified time).
Customers do themselves affect the external condition of the product such as tearing the packaging, scratching, scratching, breaking, etc.
Formal defects of the product (scratched, dented, yellowed, broken …) after the customer has checked and received the handover.


Customers contact directly with the Company’s Warranty Department.
After receiving a confirmation of the condition of goods eligible for return as in Section 3 of this policy, the exchange and return of goods will be made in accordance with the Company’s regulations.
The process of handling exchange or return procedures is carried out within 24 hours from the time the Company receives all the information and documents as prescribed from the customer.