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Good price Binh Duong box steel produced by Hung Dong Phat company has high durability with quality surface coating

As well as galvanized steel pipes and other steel products are commonly used in daily life. Box steel is a material favored by many industries because of its high applicability. However, what is box steel? How is box steel classified and how to choose quality box steel? Let’s find out with Hung Dong Phat Co., Ltd in the article below.

I. What is Steel Box?

Box steel is a type of steel that is processed in a hollow block with a common thickness of 0.7-5.1mm. Thanks to the box-shaped structure and inherent characteristics of steel, box steel has high durability. And the ability to withstand great impacts.


II. Classification of box steel

There are many ways to classify box steel, but the most common are classification by shape and classification by outer coating.

1. Sort by shape

When sorting box steel by shape. There are two types: square box steel and rectangular box steel.

1.1. Steel square box

Square box steel is hollow box steel of equal length and width. Steel square box usually has common sizes from 12mm*12mm to 100mm*100mm.

Standard weight table of Chinh Dai square box steel pipe (unit: kg/tree 6m)

1.2. Steel rectangular box

Rectangular box steel is a hollow box steel with different length and width sizes. The smallest is 10mm*30mm and the largest is 100mm*200mm.

Standard weight table of Chinh Dai rectangular box steel pipe (unit: kg/tree 6m)



2. Classification by coating class

To increase durability and resistance to external forces, the steel box is coated with a protective layer on the surface. Classification by coating layer is also a common classification for box steel.

2.1. Black box steel

Black box steel pipe is a box steel product that is coated with black technical paint on the surface to increase the durability of the box steel. Black box steel can be square or rectangular steel with various sizes. Reasonable price, suitable for many uses.

Standard weight table of square & rectangular black box steel pipes Chinh Dai Steel (unit: kg/m)
2.2. Galvanized steel box

Compared with black box steel pipe, galvanized steel box has bearing capacity. Better durability and wear resistance. With a quality zinc surface coating that galvanized box steel products. Suitable for outdoor projects, near the sea. Or special projects that must withstand extreme weather.



III. Application of box steel

Currently, box steel is widely used in life, from construction to other manufacturing and manufacturing fields. Such as making car frames, conduit pipes, water pipes… In which, square box steel is often used as purlins. Housing roof frames, formwork, factory frames, warehouses, scaffolding… Rectangular box steel is also widely used in the production of truck frames and interior design. In addition, steel boxes are also used as radio towers, television towers…

IV. How to choose quality box steel

With outstanding features such as low cost, high durability, long service life. And easy to check the quality; box steel is a reasonable product for many projects.

To choose a quality box steel product, it is necessary to note a few points:

The factory has a long-standing brand name and manufactures according to international standards.
Products with full labels and traceability codes


Steel products should have labels for easy traceability
Surface steel box (engineered black paint or galvanized). All must be bright and show no signs of iron rust.
V. Hung Dong Phat Co., Ltd – a factory that produces quality black box and galvanized box steel products

Hung Dong Phat Co., Ltd. is an option not to be missed. When you are looking for quality box steel products for your project.


Hung Dong Phat Steel Factory specializes in the production of quality coil steel, pipe steel, black box steel, galvanized steel box
From 2019 to now, Hung Dong Phat Steel has been ranked No. 1 in Vietnam. And Southeast Asia in terms of steel pipe exports to Australia
Black box and galvanized box steel products of Hung Dong Phat Steel. Produced with high quality zinc raw materials imported from Australia, Korea and Brazil. Galvanized surface of Hung Dong Steel products Glow with zinc coating from Z120 – Z275 and coating thickness up to 5 cups.

Box steel products

Hung Dong Phat meets international standards such as: ASTM (A500, A53 & A513) AS/NZ 1163, JIS G3444 and EN 10219,
Products with clear labels and QR codes for traceability

Through many production stages under strict quality control. Box steel products of Hung Dong Phat Steel have high durability with quality surface coating. Currently, Hung Dong Phat box steel products are being widely used in civil construction. Making ultrasonic columns, scaffolding, temporary floor support systems for prefabricated houses and civil houses. Interior decoration, iron doors, fences, doors, motor vehicle parts, etc.

Steel box is a product that is widely applied in life. Because of its outstanding advantages and reasonable price. When fully grasped information about box steel and how to choose quality box steel. You will have quality works and products.