Learn the pros and cons of Hung Dong Phat box steel

What are the advantages and disadvantages of box steel?

What is box steel? What are the advantages and disadvantages of box steel?



Box steel is a series of steel with internal hollow structure. This type of steel has long been used quite popularly in countries with developed industries such as the US, UK, France… Box steel is divided into many different tube shapes. Like square box steel, rectangular box steel….The advantage of box steel is high strength, extremely good pressure resistance. Therefore, for projects that require steel products that can withstand great pressure. Then box steel is the most ideal product.

Learn about box steel

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Box steel is a product manufactured under the most advanced and modern technological lines and manufactured according to the standards of countries with developed industries such as the US, Japan, the UK, France, and the US standard. to apply are ASTM, JISG… Therefore, box steel always has very high durability and is applied in many different projects.

The application of box steel is used to build the frame of high-rise buildings. Building the foundation for large buildings. In addition, box steel is also used to make stair railings. Used to make light poles and many other applications…

Learn the pros and cons of box steel

Box steel is currently a material that many contractors are interested in. And use, especially the black box steel line. This product has many advantages and outstanding features. Will bring the most durability to your project.

Advantages of box steel

Box steel is applied in many different projects, because of the following advantages:

– Low production costs: Materials to make box steel products are often easy to find materials. Simple and cheap. Therefore, box steel products are often cheaper than other types of steel. Using box steel will help save construction costs for customers.

– Long life: Although made from cheap materials. But on the contrary, box steel has a very long life. Especially for the galvanized box steel product line, the durability is also multiplied many times. With wear resistance, no rust. So the life of the products is usually from 60 to 70 years depending on the construction area.

– Easy to check: Customers are very simple to see. The visible termites are on the body of the tubular steel, so if problems occur in the joints. The engineers are also simpler to fix and repair.


thep hop ma kemDisadvantages of box steel

With countless advantages mentioned above. The box steel also has some small defects. That is low roughness steel, not high aesthetics….

Where should I buy box steel in Binh Duong?

Hung Dong Phat Co., Ltd is currently a specialized supplier. The box steel products meet the quality standards in the market. And is the first-level agent of Hung Dong Phat Steel Corporation. So buy steel box at our company. Customers will be completely assured of the quality and price of the product.
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